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Green Valley and Sahuarita Arizona

Photo Gallery

Wild Life and Pet Habitats Wild Life and Pet Habitats Bird Pagoda A custom built bird pagoda holds a bird block and offers a safe and shaded spot for birds to hang out. 192385050 Chicken Coop Backyard chickens have become a popular hobby and a great source for your own fresh eggs! Desert Details can build you a chicken coop to fit your needs! 192385051 Wild Bird Habitat 192385053 Desert Tortoise Habitat The Arizona Desert Museum has a tortoise adoption program. I you are interested in adopting a desert tortoise and need help constructing an approved habitat, Desert Details can help! To learn more about desert tortoise adoption to to this link: tortoise 192385052 Desert Tortoise Habitat 192385374 Desert Tortoise Habitatv 192385375 Desert Tortoise Habitat 192385376